Tuesday, October 9, 2012

F.Y.I.: Microwaves Don't Kill Ants

For the past few weeks or so, it's been a battle of me vs. sugar ants. What a pain in the butt they are!! You think you've killed the entire trail moving along your countertop, but really, you didn't. When you do that, you shock to colony into splitting up and creating multiple, smaller colonies! Yuck! I'm pretty positive the ants had colonized in my kitchen wall since I could never find a nest outside in the yard.

The day I really lost it and surrendered to the professionals was a cheery, bright Friday morning. I woke up and headed downstairs to make breakfast. Now I don't even remember why I opened the microwave door in the first place (we rarely - if ever - microwave anything for breakfast), but I did, and to my disgust, found a pile of ants chowing down on the smallest splatter of grease I've ever seen. I almost screamed out of sheer frustration, but instead tried to take my own revenge on them. I slammed the door shut and turned the microwave on.