Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hair Donut Braid Bun

Today I'd like to share something a little different. I'm usually not very good at doing my own hair and makeup, so they're usually both pretty plain. But every so often I have a creative boost and do something different - - and sometimes it turns out well! Today, for example, I used my hair donut (that I was reminded of thanks to this post yesterday) to make a bun on the crown of my head. However, I'd just worn my hair like this to work when I bought the donut, so I didn't want to do an exact repeat.
I think I may have seen this somewhere on YouTube, or maybe just a picture somewhere; I'm not really sure. But I had the brilliant idea to do this:

I know. It really isn't very even, but hey, I've never been very good at this, remember? All I did was pull a piece of hair out of my ponytail before I rolled up my hair in the donut, braid it, tie it with a mini hair-tie thing, wrap it around the base, and bobby pin it at the back. It's not wrapped very tight; otherwise it would have looked even more like a chef's hat than it already does. I think I also would have been able to wrap it closer to the edge of the bun if my hair were longer. My layers get pretty short, so pulling out the hair from the back part of the ponytail didn't leave much to work with. Next time I do it, I'll plan ahead a bit more and take pictures of the process to post.

I'm working on my second project from the Do It Gorgeously (or DIG) Experiment. The first project was beauty-oriented - - this one will be craftier! Can't wait to share it!

-Christi Lee

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