Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet My Fiance

I've been given official permission to use Fiance's real name on here! I don't know why I never did before. I think I may have just wanted to make sure he didn't feel like his privacy had been invaded or anything. He had never mentioned that I couldn't... I was just being courteous, I suppose!

Anyway, here he is - - the man of the hour - - my husband-to-be - - Joey!

Don't worry, this picture is kind of old - - he hasn't smoked in over a year! I'm so very proud of him :)

We've been engaged for 10 months now. It's hard to believe we'll be married in even less time than that! 

The day we got engaged - my birthday! - 
pre-question - notice the lack of bling on my hand
and the nervous expression on his face :)

Time is just flying right on by.

Soon I'll be getting down to brass tacks and start on all of my wedding DIY projects. I have so many in mind, I don't know where to start!

-Christi Lee

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