Monday, June 16, 2014

Cleaning Schedule

Since I'm getting back into the swing of being at home, I thought I would make a cleaning schedule to help keep myself organized (and sane). Plus, I really like to plan things, so making this pretty much covers those bases! Then I decided to make it into this pretty graphic to share with everyone, so that it might help someone else who is trying to get/keep their life in order.

This schedule is meant to keep the house as clean as it needs to be as easily as it can be. It may seem like a lot, but once it's all been done once, it's much easier to maintain.

J has a funky work schedule, which is why I have outside/yard stuff scheduled for Wednesdays - his most common day off. That's not something I do the majority of the work of (he does the heavy-duty stuff), so I still like to help him out how I can. It's also his job to keep up with the trash, which he is very diligent about (most of the time!), so I don't have it listed anywhere. If I did empty the garbage cans on a regular basis, it would be included in the "Daily" list.

Hope this helps. If you want to print this, please feel free. Also, if you want the categories switched around between days, or even a different color background to save you some ink, I'd be happy to make a different one for you - just let me know!


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